A pet boutique owner reveals the stuff that's so good she always makes sure to have it in stock.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated June 25, 2018
Dog in shopping basket
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Husband and wife Jason and Molly Smith have fostered about 20 rescue dogs and have two of their own pups (one is a rescue), so it was no surprise when they decided to open Republic of Paws in Colorado Springs. The couple's mission to support rescue shelters while selling healthy products—largely from independent, local companies—has helped them develop a loyal customer base. In 2013, they opened their second location, in Denver, and three years later, they expanded into grooming (they groom foster dogs for free). The stores are known in the communities as funky yet practical shopping environments where the Smiths and their employees know their furry customers by name. Molly walked us through the couple’s favorite finds, all available at republicofpaws.com.

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Aroma Paws
Credit: Aroma Paws

Aroma Paws

These botanical shampoos, sprays, and paw-conditioning treatments will give your dog a spa-like experience at home.

To buy: From $10; republicofpaws.com.

Primal Raw Turkey Formula
Credit: Primal

Primal Raw Turkey Formula

This feline-friendly kibble alternative promotes healthy digestion and a shiny coat. It's packed with real turkey and wholesome ingredients, like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and coconut oil.

To buy: $22; republicofpaws.com.

Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator
Credit: Unique

Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

A natural cleaning solution that tackles stubborn pet messes with enzymes and bacteria. Use it if your pet marked his territory on a mattress or carpet.

To buy: $4; republicofpaws.com.

Ollydog Bag
Credit: Brian Henn

Ollydog Bag

Unlike most waste-bag holders, this one is made with a soft fabric, so it's more comfortable to handle. Attach it to a leash, collar, or belt loop for easy access.

To buy: $11; republicofpaws.com.

Tux by West Paw Design
Credit: West Paw Design

Tux by West Paw Design

Stuff this durable toy with your pup's favorite treat, like peanut butter, or fill it with canned food and freeze for hours of entertainment. It's almost indestructible.

To buy: $15; republicofpaws.com.

Molly and Jason Smith
Credit: Courtesy of Republic of Paws

Meet the Owners

Molly and Jason Smith run two pet boutiques with the help of their miniature schnauzers, Hilda (left) and Jager.