Pet Owners Swear by This Brush, Even If You've Got a 'Heavy Shedder' on Your Hands

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By Ariel Klein
November 22, 2020
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Have you ever tried to give your furry friend an at-home spa day in-between groomings? If you’re anything like me, you’ve already splurged on fancy shampoos, natural detanglers and every styling tool under the sun, just to have your pet look worse than they did before. 

Amazon shoppers, however, claim to have found a dog and cat brush that actually makes the process more enjoyable for both parties. According to them, the Self-Cleaning Slicker Pro makes grooming more seamless than ever before. Whether you have a short- or long-haired fur-buddy, this comb’s soft bristles gently scratch your pet while working through mats and tangles. When you’re done, the bristles retract so you can easily collect the hair (instead of it ending up all over your furniture and floors). One of the hundreds of five-star reviewers calls the tool “invaluable” for reducing “the amount of fur shed in the house.” 

For most pet owners, it can take an hour or more to brush through all of their dog or cat’s hair (depending on breed). This convenient pet tool makes at-home grooming more efficient and less messy. Of the many glowing reviews, shoppers call this “the BEST dog brush… especially if you’ve got a dog that’s a heavy shedder” and say the product “makes the grooming of my long-haired Old English Sheepdog a breeze.” 


To buy: $23 (was $46);

One reviewer with a Siberian Husky explains that the brush is “very easy to clean and the retractable brush is awesome since it takes several strokes to remove tangles and allows me to quickly remove the fur for a faster brushing.” 

Another highlights how this brush eliminates “pulling or cutting hair out of a brush.” The reviewer explains: “Simple push of the button and bristles of comb recede, and you remove the hair. Press the button again, the bristles reappear.”

With over 600 ratings, most of them being perfect five stars, the Self-Cleaning Slicker Pro might just be the key to reducing shedding while making sure your pets are prim and proper week after week. The best part? This “brilliant” comb is on sale for $25, which is half off the normal price — and according to its hundreds of fans, it’s worth every penny.