Pups don’t wear pants, but their waistlines are growing—just like ours.

By Liz Steelman
Updated November 04, 2016

Pets need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, and just like us humans, they can have trouble with overeating and getting their steps in, too. And it's affecting their overall health, too. According to a 2016 Association for Pet Obesity Prevention survey, approximately 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs were overweight or obese.

As a pet owner, what can you do to make sure your friend stays fit? Well, exactly what you do to prevent your own weight gain: Diet and exercise. For you, that might mean investing in a Fitbit or other wearable technology to remind you to keep moving. And now, you can do the same for your pet: Poof, a Silicone Valley-based pet tech company, released two waterproof activity trackers—the Pea and the Bean—that attach to your pet’s collar.

The Pea uses a replaceable cell battery that lasts up to six months and is sold for $40. If you’d prefer a rechargeable option, try the Bean that can last up to 60 days and goes for $50. All of the profits from both models will be donated to GreaterGood.org, an organization that benefits animals in shelters. Not only do the trackers measure daily activity, rest, food intake, and calories burned, they also keep tabs on your dog’s location. You can mark your pet as “lost” via the free Poof app, and if your pet wanders near someone with the Poof app, it will ping you with their location and a way to contact the other user.

And, if you’re a city-dwelling pet owner, here’s an inside tip from one of our RS editors: You can use the tracker to double check that your dog walker is really taking your pup on that full two mile walk.

Both trackers are available to buy at Poof’s website.