You’ve reviewed the household emergency plan with your family, but have you included your pet in the process? Here’s how to prepare.

By Sarah Grossbart
Updated May 23, 2018

Q: We have an emergency plan for the family but not our pet. How can we make sure he’s ready?

Veterinarian Nancy Kay suggests stocking an airtight container with up to three weeks’ worth of food you know your pet will eat even if he’s upset, along with treats he’s used to, in order to prevent a stress-related hunger strike, which can lead to GI issues.

Next, gather a first aid kit with triple antibiotic ointment, bandaging, saline, and a digital thermometer (like the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit, $30;, along with medical records, a two-week supply of medication he takes regularly, and “anything that would be soothing in a time of stress,” says Kay.

On your front window, affix a cling (Imagine This Company Decal, $8 for 2; to inform responders how many pets are inside in case you’re away during an emergency, advises veterinarian Gayle O’Konski. Make sure your pet is crate-trained, used to car rides, and fitted with a micro-chip in case of an evacuation.