Pet Basics

How to pick a pet you'll love―and care for it properly once you bring it home.

Taking Care of Your Pet

8 Things Your Pet Shouldn’t Eat

Foods and drinks, from avocados to alcohol, that can make your dog, cat, or bird sick.

How to Choose a Pet

Before falling head over heels, determine whether a pet is the right fit for you.

Decoding Your Dog's Behavior

Is Fido happy, scared, or lonely? Two dog experts divulge the clues to reading canine behavior.

How Can I Get My Dog to Smell Clean?

Real Simple answers your questions.


Pet Stories

How Do I Remove Pet Hair?

Real Simple answers your questions.

Where Should I Put a Cat-Litter Box?

Real Simple answers your questions.

5 Healthy Reasons You Need a Pet In Your Life

Cats and dogs make us happier and healthier, according to science.

Solutions to Common Pet Problems

How to handle your pets’ most annoying habits and show them (nicely) who’s boss.