One animal welfare nonprofit is using beautiful family photos to show “there’s always room for more.”

By Blake Bakkila
Updated April 21, 2017
DanBrandenburg/Getty Images

Though you might think optical illusions are just for fooling your cat or sparking a heated debate over a multi-colored dress, an animal welfare nonprofit in India just showed that they can, in fact, do some good in the world.

World For All, a Mumbai-based NGO focused on animal care and adoption, shared several optical illusions as part of their latest campaign. In each, people frame the photos and the negative space between them shows the shape of various pets. In one, a mother and father look down at their newborn baby. Within the space between them, you can see a dog.

McCann Worldgroup India

Another shows a man and woman embracing each other. Between them you’ll see the image of a cat. There’s also an ad that features two siblings smiling with foreheads touching, creating a bunny in between them.

McCann Worldgroup India

The campaign, which features the tagline “There’s always room for more. Adopt,” was created by the public relations firm McCann Worldgroup India, McCann's chief communications officer Jeremy Miller confirmed to Real Simple. McCann's other global brands include Chevy, Coca Cola, and General Mills, among others.

The ads, which feature photography by Amol Jadhav, have received positive feedback from all over the world. According to its website, World For All has facilitated 12,000 rescues, 7,500 adoptions, and 8,500 sterilizations since it was founded in late 2009. The group originally started as a Facebook group established to encourage people to adopt one stray puppy, and has since expanded to become a formally-inaugurated animal welfare NGO.