4 Reasons Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Dog

In celebration of National Dog Day, we’ve hounded the best products and experiences for pampered pooches.

The latest in canine culture shows that it’s a pretty great time to live a dog’s life. Here, four of our favorite recently spotted Fido-focused events and products.


Art Exhibits

Photo by rsagroup.com

This summer’s trendiest art opening wasn’t filled with fashionable folks, but furballs. More Than, a British insurance company, commissioned artist Dominic Wilcox to create contemporary artwork that promoted play between pets and their owners to show at a gallery in the U.K. Among the paintings of delectable drumsticks and video catch simulations, the world’s first interactive art exhibit for dogs featured pieces like Cruising Canines, an open car window simulator; Dinnertime Dreams, a 10-foot “dog bowl” filled with play balls made to look like dog food, and Watery Wonder, a fountain installation that shoots streams of water out of dog bowls. Though the exhibition is over, you can upload a photo of you playing with your pet to More Than’s website as a pledge to play more with your pet. In return, the insurance company will donate £1 (about $1.32) to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


The Puppuccino

The newest hot item off Starbucks’ "secret menu" isn’t another colored drink. Instead, it’s the Puppuccino: a treat for dogs that’s simply a whirl of whipped cream served in an espresso cup. The “drink” went viral after a Washington animal shelter posted on Instagram about its weekly tradition of bringing their canine residents out for these special treats. Want your pup to try it? Just ask your local barista for an extra dollop of whipped cream in a separate cup when you’re ordering your own Frappuccino.


Dog Wine

Photo by Apollo Peak Pet Wines

After a long day, sometimes you just want to kick back and have a glass of wine with your best friend. But what to do when your best pal’s a pooch? Now you can pour one out for your favorite pet with special wine that's made especially for man’s best friend. Colorado-based Apollo Peak has created a line of safe “wine” for dogs. The dessert drinks, aptly named CharDOGnay and Zinfantail, are made with organic beets and herbal extracts. (Like adding any foods into your dog’s diet, make sure you consult with your vet before serving.)


Luxury Dog Beds

Chances are your pup probably spends as much time in your bed as you do. Why? It’s simply more comfortable than the flimsy dog bed on the floor. That is, until you replace it with Casper’s special bed for dogs. Designed with research from canine-focused sleep studies, this durable (and machine washable foam!) bed has all the comfort of the cult mattress-in-a-box, but in a pooch-sized package. The best part? It still comes with the brand’s 100-night trial. (Our associate editor Brandi’s dog Ranger is an early adopter.)

The verdict on @casper's new dog mattress: 💤👍🏼

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