Need a break from holiday stress? This video will melt your heart.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated November 21, 2017
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Portrait of smiling Golden Retriever
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

If Thanksgiving is making you want to disown everyone in your family right now—Dad’s arguing politics with your teenage niece! Your kids are about to kill each other over the Wii remote! Your vegan sister refuses to sit next to anyone eating turkey!— then find a quiet corner, take a deep breath, and watch this amazing video to restore your faith in the loving kindness of moms and children (at least the canine variety!)

That’s right, in just about the cutest video we’ve ever seen, a beautiful golden retriever forms a protective tent over her baby with her paws and body. We’re not sure what she’s shielding her baby from—it could be anything from other dogs nearby to the woman speaking loudly off camera to an invasion of tiny invisible aliens—but the dog’s mama-bear instinct to protect her precious pup is both universal and adorable.

In fact, you might want to interrupt all the squabbling to insist on a family viewing of this video. It will melt even the snarkiest heart and have the entire family going in for a big old group hug.