Try one of these tough toys when your dog chews everything in sight.

By Andra Chantim
Updated July 10, 2013
Peter Oumanski

“No matter what pet toys I get, my dogs chew them up.”

Elaine Parry, via e-mail

The fix: Buy toys made from deer and elk antlers—they’re the toughest on the market, says Andrea Arden, the author of Barron’s Dog Training Bible ($19, (Try Ranch Rewards Split Elk antler Chew; from $14, An alternative for dogs of any size is heavy-duty rubber toys, like the Extreme Kong (from $10,, says Christian Polhamus, the supervisor of canine protocols for Spot Experience, a doggy–daycare center in New York City. Or try the Hugglehounds Wiley Macho Dog Toy (from $11,, which is made of rubber and seat-belt material. Reserve fabric play-things, which can be torn to shreds in a blink, for supervised games of fetch.

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