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The holidays are a festive time, but the season brings added dangers for pets. Keep your furry friends away from these items to ensure a merry holiday for all.

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11 Ways to Deal With Your Kids’ Anxieties

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22 Silly Halloween Costumes for Pets

Don’t forget about your furry friend this Halloween. As though your dog or cat isn’t cute enough already, just picture him or her in one of these cute Halloween costumes. Whether your pet is greeting trick-or-treaters and party guests, or heading to the neighborhood costume parade, dress them in some unique costume ideas. If everyone in your family is dressing up, don’t leave them out—especially when there are so many fun opportunities. Sure, there are simple crafts to make your own pet costume if you’re feeling creative, but if you don’t have the time (or are unsure about your artistic abilities), there are plenty of options out there in stores and online. For your canine companions, we have some adorable dog costumes that range from silly (Where’s Waldo) to traditional (pumpkins). For cats, there’s an adorable sailor costume that’s just the perfect photo op. These disguises are easy to put on and safe your pets to wear—they’re not super tight and won’t make your pets immobile. Plus, they’re affordable, too, so it’s okay if Fido or Kitty ruins the look by the end of the day. We can’t guarantee that they’ll be happy to don these outfits, but you’ll have a great time taking pictures and showing your pets off.

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