The new “wine” is safe for dogs, but you should still check with your vet first.

By Liz Steelman
Updated August 12, 2016
Apollo Peak Pet Wines

After a long day, sometimes you just want to kick back and have a glass of wine with your best friend. But what to do when your best pal’s a pooch? This fall, you’ll be able to pour one out for your favorite pet with special wine that's made especially for man’s best friend.

Apollo Peak made the news earlier this year with their special feline wine-line. And this fall, they’re giving canines their own specialty bottles. You can have your pick of the litter with two aptly-named varietals: CharDOGnay and Zinfantail. Both dog-friendly dessert beverages are formulated with organic beets. CharDOGnay, a white wine, is made with chamomile extract, which might help dogs with managing anxiety. Zinfantail, the red wine, is mixed with peppermint, which may help a dog’s digestive tract.

The ingredients in the wine are not toxic to dogs. And they are actually recommended as supplements for pets, according to Dr. Richard Goldstein, chief medical officer at Animal Medical Center in New York City. Beets are frequently given as an additional fiber source, chamomile is given for its calming effects, and peppermint for easing digestion.

But just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you should run out and buy your pup her own wine bowl. Like supplements for humans, the ingredients aren’t scientifically proven or FDA regulated. Supplements should only be given to pets after consulting with your veterinarian. If you’re thinking the wine might help with your dog’s gastrointestinal issues or anxiety, something might be wrong with your dog’s health, so you should be calling your vet, anyway. Goldstein also warns against potential dangers in adding extra calories to a dog’s diet. Giving your pet a lot of special treats could lead to obesity.

But once you’ve consulted with your vet, you can fetch Fido a pre-ordered bottle on Apollo Peak’s website. The first bottles will be shipped on September 1, 2016.