This scratching post doesn’t make a mess like cardboard versions—and, most importantly, it doesn’t look terrible with the rest of my living room décor.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated March 01, 2018
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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

As you may remember, I recently moved into a new apartment and upgraded to this comfy new sectional. Once the protective plastic was off, the untouched granite fabric glimmered like a feline’s Kryptonite. My cats, Whitney and Raven, circled the piece of furniture like sharks around prey. Fresh meat…err, fabric. A cat scratching post was in order. Immediately.

Unfortunately, scratching furniture isn’t a new habit of theirs. All of my previous couches had at least one or two corners shredded by their sharp little talons. And hey, I don’t fault them for doing it; after all, it’s a natural response and key to their daily grooming routine.

I’ve tried countless scratching posts and deterrents to prevent damage. I’ve slapped double-sided tape on the couch corners, bought an unsightly 6-foot cat tree with high (and quickly dashed) hopes. I even tried bitter apple spray. But with every solution, the same reaction: The clawed duo LOL’ed at my efforts and quickly went back to Old Faithful, the back left corner of my previous apartment’s couch.

I knew I had to save this one from their clutches. So, after much research, I tried the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. It’s a 32-inch tall tower made with fibrous woven sisal. Basically, it’s the stuff of cat scratching dreams. Once it arrived, I placed it near one of the exposed couch corners praying that they’d go for it. And boy, did they. So what made it so much more successful than previous attempts? For one, the tower has a durable base and doesn’t wobble even when my 13-pounder leaps onto it. Also, because the tower is so high, the cats get a full vertical, satisfying stretch, something shorter varieties just couldn’t accomplish. I love it because it doesn’t make a mess like cardboard versions and most importantly, this cat scratching post doesn’t look terrible with the rest of my living room décor. Scratch on, kitties.

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