We dare you to watch and not break into an ugly cry. 

By Marisa Cohen
Updated November 02, 2017
Christian Petersen/Staff/Getty Images

The 2018 Winter Olympics are just 100 days away and that means there is some major, earth-shaking news—the new “Thank you, Mom” commercial from P&G has just been released.

We will now pause for a moment while you grab a box of Kleenex.

Got it? Good. Now feast your eyes on this beautiful, 90-second masterpiece about athletes who faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their way to athletic glory. But who was there to cheer them on, sew their uniforms, dry their tears, and always, always believe in them? Mom, of course. (Yes, we know dads, brothers, and coaches are amazing also, but this ad is a special shout-out to moms, who the majority of Olympians surveyed by the International Olympic Committee and P&G named as their biggest booster.)

The commercial, titled “Love Over Bias,” was inspired by the real-life stories of Olympic champs who struggled with physical or financial challenges and fought against preconceived notions of who could succeed in sports, such as skater Michelle Kwan, whose parents worked multiple jobs to pay for her training, three-time Paralympic medalist Okasana Masters, skier Gus Kenworthy, one of the first openly gay athletes in action sports, and Zahra Lari, a figure skater who competes wearing a traditional Moslem headscarf. All of these athletes credit their mom with helping them achieve their dreams.

With a meltingly beautiful score ("Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier,” sung by MILCK) over wordless scenes of children pursuing their dreams despite being the only person who looks like them on the field, this commercial is already, hands-down, our favorite of the year.

Let the (crying) Games begin.