She thinks they’re a waste of time.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated May 30, 2017
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Mother of two and blogger Susannah B. Lewis is telling it like it is in a 90-second viral Facebook video, where she’s ranting about her frustration over end-of-the-year half days at school. To sum up the video, the struggle is real.

Sure, nothing lights up kids’ faces more than when they hear the words “half day,” but for parents and teachers, it means putting in the same amount of prep as a full day, and Lewis says nobody has time for that.

In the video, she explains why she thinks there’s absolutely no point in dragging out the school year once all the work is done. Lewis thinks many teachers don't have enough time to teach a full lesson on half days (something she says is completely understandable, by the way) and end up putting on movies instead. Her advice? “Let these teachers go home!”

She told that there’s absolutely no point in pulling everyone out of bed bright and early if everyone doesn’t want to be there anymore. From having to stock up on lunches to the commute, Lewis suggests it's all a huge chore and a waste of time.

The video has already garnered more than 4 million views and 32,000 reactions on Facebook. Teachers are getting behind her video, too. Some teachers have even responded to the post calling half days "glorified babysitting days," encouraging parents to keep kids home to squeeze in extra time for sleep and family activities.

We're not sure abbreviated school days are going anywhere any time soon, but one thing is for sure: The people have spoken, and they don't seem to like half days.