Take a look at this list, which also provides some information on the dogs’ specific traits and lifestyle needs.

By Betsy Rubiner
May 19, 2017

You finally gave in to your kids’ constant begging for a pet and decided to get a dog. For those lacking space, you can opt for a smaller pooch. If you’re lucky to have a bigger house and an even bigger backyard, you might want to consider a larger dog. But for those who want something in between, think about a medium dog breed.

Each dog has its own personality and needs. It’s important to consider a dog’s common characteristics and how it may mesh with your own family life. Some are very energetic and need to live with an active family so they can exercise daily and interact with other dogs. Others need their coat regularly groomed (and may shed a lot). Other pups need firm or patient, encouraging training.

Take a look at some medium-size breeds recommended by the American Kennel Club below—the AKC Ranking is based on the organization’s most popular dog breeds list of 2016. Discuss with your family and get ready to welcome a new member to your household.

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