Drop everything and watch Momsplaining with Kristen Bell, produced byEllen DeGeneres, right now.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated January 29, 2018
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Kristen Bell at Alliance of Moms
Credit: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images

If we could switch up the Oscars this year to include a category for “Most Hilarious 6-Minute Web Series,” the winner hands-down would be Kristen Bell, whose Momsplaining series debuted this week on Ellen DeGeneres’s YouTube channel, app, and web site, instantly becoming the funniest thing on the Internet since Will Ferrell met a two-year-old landlord.

The star of The Good Place and Frozen, who has two daughters with hubby Dax Shepard (Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3),is already America’s most quotable celeb when it comes to dishing about the not-so-glamorous side of marriage and motherhood, so the show totally makes sense. Her raw, funny, spontaneous comments about giving birth, staring at your weird-looking newborn, stressing out over birthday parties that your kids will never remember, and dealing with cracked nipples, C-sections, and toddlers who say the F word are like gems of mom wisdom from by your most brilliant and insightful BFF (though, probably unlike your friends IRL, Bell always looks like she just stepped out of a magazine shoot).

We dare you to watch the Momsplaining episode about childbirth without losing it. As a pregnant woman bursts into tears, Bell calms her with, “Yeah, it’s the hormones…but also, I’m a pretty big celebrity.” Then just watch Bell and her Bad Moms costar Kathryn Hahn demonstrate childbirth with a rubber band and watermelon. Yowch. And then there's that moment when Bell's ob-gyn advises a mom-to-be not to look at her lady regions for several weeks after giving birth, and Bell hilariously blurts out, "Or, if you like looking at crazy wounds, do it! I did!"

In episode 2, Bell helps a frazzled mom throw a stress-free Frozen-themed birthday party in a park, Watch her face as a low-budget Elsa and Anna come to entertain the kiddies while the real Anna—completely ignored by the tiny party guests—pours frozen (get it?) margaritas for the moms. And in episode 3, she will both break your heart and crack you up as she interviews four adorable children about farting and where babies come from. When a little boy makes a particularly sweet comment about his mom, Bell tells him, “My heart just leapt out of my chest, ran across the street, got a coffee, and came back in.”

The first three episodes are available to watch right now, and three more will be released on February 2. And it there is any justice in this world, there will dozens more to help us all get through the mommy years together.