These sweet, inspired baby name picks will be sure to fit your family’s newest addition—no matter if you’re expecting a girl or a boy.

By Liz Steelman
May 16, 2017

If you’re searching for unisex baby names and clicked on this article—congratulations!—you’re most likely expecting a baby girl in the next couple of months. Though unisex and androgynous baby names have become trendy, the names are mostly given to little girls, according to Laura Wattenberg, baby name expert and the author of The Baby Name Wizard.

“There remains a huge stigma against feminine names for boys,” Wattenberg tells “If you think of it in fashion terms, parents are happy to dress little girls in almost any type of clothes today, but you’re still unlikely to see them buy dresses for boys.”

Additionally, the unisex naming “trend” might not be that at all—but a subset of a larger trend of parents choosing “fresh” names, or those without cultural context already attached. “The real story isn’t that parents are choosing the names Phoenix and Lennon for both boys and girls,” Wattenberg says. “It’s that they’re choosing Phoenix and Lennon instead of John and Mary, or Jason and Jessica.”

That being said, it doesn’t mean that choosing a so-called unisex baby name is a bad choice—most of the time, a unisex name is chosen simply because the parents like the sound of them. Other times, parents feel that a masculine-styled name sounds “stronger” or will help protect against the effects of sexism. Wattenberg notes that there has been research suggesting feminine-sounding names pose disadvantages in academia and the workplace.

A unisex name still on the top of your list for your family’s newest edition? We combed through the Social Security Administration’s 2016 list of registered baby names to find some unique unisex picks that appeared on both gendered lists. See our editor's picks below:

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