Clear up some space and score some cash? Sounds like a win win.

By Megan Thielking
Updated December 04, 2017
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Your kids’ stuff can have a short shelf life — coats get too tight, bikes get too small, and toys get less cool. But that doesn’t mean your kids’ once-loved items have to collect dust in your storage closet. We rounded up seven stores and apps that make it a breeze to trade in your kids’ toys and clothes in exchange for cash, coupons, or credit.

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The online consignment shop takes some of the pain out of the resale process. You can print out a prepaid shipping label, toss in the toys and clothes your kids have outgrown, and drop them in the mail. The site’s staff picks and prices items. When your stuff sells, you earn cash (with a small service fee taken out). You can pay $5.99 to have anything that’s been rejected sent back to you, or opt to have it donated for free.


If you buy books and games on Amazon, you can actually return those items back to the site when your kids are through with them. It’s an easy process—the site shows you exactly which items you’ve ordered are eligible for trade-in and how much they’ll earn you. You send them off and score an Amazon gift card in return.

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Your kids do the legwork with this app to swap their toys, books, and clothes with friends and classmates. They snap a picture of what they’re willing to trade and write a quick description; you monitor on the KidsTrade app. Kids can make trades at soccer practice, the bus stop, or school. An added bonus? Doing swaps themselves teaches kids a lesson in green living—and a lesson about what their stuff costs.

Local bike shops

A growth spurt might mean the shiny bike you bought last year no longer fits your kid’s long legs. Lots of local bike shops and brands, like Trek Bikes, let you trade in old bikes for a credit on a new set of wheels; check with the ones in your neighborhood to see if they have a trade-in program.


When your kids are tired of playing with LEGOs—or you’re tired of stepping on tiny bricks—you can swap or sell those lil' guys easily with BrickSwap.

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If your teen plays through video games faster than a MarioKart race, there’s good news: Walmart lets you trade in used Xbox, Playstation, and other video games. You ship it in with a prepaid label, they give the game a once-over, and you get a gift card.

Once Upon a Child

There are dozens of Once Upon a Child resale stores around the country. The best part: They take just about every kind of kids’ item you might want to clear out, from Halloween costumes and rain boots to outdoor play sets and toy boxes. Find a location here.