Fun Family Activities Checklist

Sure, some days may be long, but the years are short indeed. How many of these ideas can your family cross off the list? Get even more inspiration from these 11 Fun Family Activities.

  1. Check Volunteer together.

  2. Check Watch all your old home movies.

  3. Check Kick the can.

  4. Check Make a time capsule.

  5. Check Plant something.

  6. Check Run (or walk) a 5K.

  7. Check Get cooking.

  8. Check Go to the movies for the day and see a double (or triple!) feature.

  9. Check Put on a no-talent show.

  10. Check Create self-portraits.

  11. Check Take a trip with just one kid; no siblings allowed.

  12. Check Go camping.

  13. Check Explore your family tree.

  14. Check Visit the places where Mom and Dad grew up.

  15. Check Start a family book club.

  16. Check Get all dolled up and go to a play, a concert, or the ballet.

  17. Check Go on a scavenger hunt.

  18. Check Make up a song.

  19. Check Take a staycation.

  20. Check Save in a piggy bank, then do something special with the money.

  21. Check Build something.

  22. Check Spend a weekend unplugged from TVs, computers, phones, gaming devices…