Not only are these swim goggles super comfortable to wear, they won’t leak at all.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated July 19, 2018
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boy in swimming pool
Frank McKenna

As a Florida kid, I’d guess I spent more than half of my childhood floating, swimming, and diving in pools and oceans. I always loved the water but often complained about the uncomfortable swim goggles that pulled at my long hair. To keep water out, I typically had to tighten them, which always meant funny goggle marks on my face and a headache. Recently, while testing products for Real Simple’s Little Helpers page, I came across the Daph Daph Giggly Goggles ($25, and knew I’d stumbled upon something great.

These swim goggles are UV-protective, designed to wear like a mask and feature a thick, soft, neoprene strap that holds comfortably on the head without pulling on hair or the face. (This feature makes them a cinch to put on and remove!) Even better, they come in lots of colorful and kid-friendly designs and in sizes to fit children from 6 months to teen/adult.

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I put the game-changing swimming goggles to the test with Real Simple staffers’ kids and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what they had to say about them:

"My 7-year-old son loves these swim goggles because they are leak-proof. Before we found them, he would only go under water for a few seconds, because his goggles would get foggy and leak. Now he's legit swimming with his head all the way under!" — Heather Morgan Shott, Digital Director

“I like that they look different than traditional goggles so during the scrum after swim lessons or swimming sessions at camp, we have a better chance of getting them back rather than them ending up in another kid’s backpack.” — Leslie Yazel, Editor-in-Chief

“They’re much more comfortable than regular goggles because they have the pads. Regular goggles dig into your forehead and under your eyes.” —Jemma Egner, 8-year-old daughter of Leslie Yazel, Editor-in-Chief

When my daughter wore the tiger pair to the pool at spring break, she said multiple moms stopped to ask her where her parents had gotten them. She felt like a rock star and also when something is cute and special my kids seem less likely to lose them or leave them behind at the pool. These also don’t leave weird marks on kids’ faces and they Do. Not. Leak." —Sara Austin, Executive Editor