Kids’ Sleepover Party Checklist

When your child is old enough for an overnight (typically age six and up is appropriate), here's how to get the party started.

Six Weeks Before

  1. Check Make a guest list.

    Begin planning the party with your child.

One Month Before

  1. Check Send or e-mail invitations.

    Distribute invitations, requesting parents’ contact info and a heads-up about the child’s allergies with an RSVP.

Two Weeks Before

  1. Check Enlist help.

    Ask a friend or relative to help you out on the day of the party—especially with younger kids.

  2. Check Set a menu.

    Consider a make-your-own-meal dinner. Building tacos, pizzas, or fruit kebabs will keep kids busy—and satisfy picky eaters.

  3. Check Plan a few activities.

    For fun themes, games, and recipes, visit sites such as or

One Week Before

  1. Check Pick up supplies such as movies and snacks.

Two Days Before

  1. Check Shop for any other food and beverages.

    Be careful to take into account any allergies or food specifications of your young guests.

  2. Check Section off an area of your home.

    Rooms outside of your designated party space are off-limits. If possible, clear out large pieces of furniture and bring in blankets, pillows, and beanbag chairs.

When Guests Arrive

  1. Check Set the rules.

    Once all the children have gathered, sit them down and explain which rooms are open to them and what they can and can’t do after lights-out. And assure little ones that you’re available, should they need anything.