Save money and cross these items off your list before you even step foot in the store. 

By Beata Santora
Updated August 02, 2017
Kevin Liu/Getty Images

As any parent will tell you, the first trip into a baby store to shop for all those newborn necessities is exciting… for the first five minutes. Once the initial thrill wears off, cold dread sets in. With so many options, knowing what to buy can be daunting. We asked experienced parents for their advice on what to buy, what to skip, and how to avoid unnecessary spending. Here are eight items you can definitely live without:

Kevin Liu/Getty Images

Nursing Timer

“This little device tracks the time elapsed between feedings and diaper changes. Just push a button and a counter begins. It’s a good idea in theory, but, in reality, life with a newborn is so exhausting and overwhelming, you don't have time to match your socks, let alone remember to push a button each time you feed,” says Bryn, a mom of two. “Besides, when your baby is hungry, he’ll let you know right away without the need for a timer.”

Bottle Warmer

“Don’t waste your money on a bottle warmer. It’s bulky, expensive, and takes up too much space on the kitchen counter,” says Carol, a mom of one toddler. Her solution? “A cup of hot water works just as well—and it’s free.”

Baby-Food Maker

“Before the babies came, I invested in a $100 baby food maker… and it’s still sitting in my kitchen unopened,” says Alice, a mom of 3-year-old twins. “I found it far more convenient to just have some store-bought jarred food on hand. If you really want to mix up your own combinations, simply puree the fruit and veggies in your blender and refrigerate in ice trays. You don’t need to buy a pricey additional gadget for that!”

Cloth Bibs

“Why do they sell cloth bibs at all?” asks a perplexed Nataly, mom of 3 kids under age 6. “They soak through in minutes and then you have to change the baby’s clothes anyway. Always buy bibs with a plastic lining—they catch everything and you can just wipe them down with a sponge”

Wipes Warmer

“This will set you back $40, and I found mine to be entirely useless, says Chris, dad of a 20-month-old. “The moment you pull the wipe out of the warmer, it becomes room temperature again—that is, exactly the same as a wipe from a regular, non-electric container!”

Bottle Sterilizer

“I hated my $90 bottle sterilizer,” says Pat, a mom of preschoolers. “It was like loading a much smaller but far more cumbersome dishwasher. Instead, I wound up using a $14 microwave sterilizer. You simply plop all the bottles and nipples into the plastic container, clip the lid shut, and microwave for 3 minutes with a bit of water. So much easier!”

Expensive Newborn Clothes or Booties

“Infants are constantly spitting up or pooping, and they grow out of everything in weeks,” points out Adam, a dad of four. “Really, the only outfits you need for the first six months are a bunch of inexpensive cotton onesies.”

Nursing Stool

“A well-meaning aunt gave me a nursing stool when my baby was born,” recalls Angie, a mom of toddlers. “The idea is to put your feet on it while nursing, like an ottoman. In reality it was a bulky piece of furniture that I tripped on repeatedly during nighttime feedings. I finally put it into storage and never saw it again. If I wanted to put my feet up during feedings, I just used the couch.”