My daughter Audrey is two years old and she’s lived in thirty-three states, forty-seven cities, and one foreign country.  She has had her feet in both oceans, hiked the Grand Canyon, and traveled in planes, trains and automobiles. Until a few weeks ago, she’s never lived in a permanent “home.” And it’s one of the best decisions we ever made.

By Sara Packard
July 20, 2017

Sara Packard and Family

My husband is an actor. In December 2014, when I was three months pregnant, he was cast in the national tour of the Broadway musical Matilda—a fantastic opportunity. We were elated! But we knew that if we chose to go, it would mean giving birth to our daughter on the road and traveling the country with her for the foreseeable future. We knew it was crazy, but we knew we had to say yes. What we didn’t predict was the enormous impact it would make on how we now choose to view and live life, and especially how we raise our baby. Three of the most valuable things I learned about parenting on the road:

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