Prep your future Ivy leaguer with one of these fitting baby names.

By Rose Truesdale
Updated April 11, 2018
Preppy Girl Names
Credit: Christina Lundeen/Getty Images

Hoping your baby-to-be one day gets into Harvard or Yale? Prep him or her with a preppy name. Baby boat shoes optional, but we would suggest an Oxford button down onesie and anything in a whale print.



Meaning “from the pasture land of the noble”, Ansley sounds like she has the kind of connections to get accepted into any school… and maybe get a wing named after her!


Derived from a Scottish surname meaning “field”, we envision baby Blair one day earning a Lacrosse scholarship. Leave badminton to the Mitzies out there, right?


This name belongs to Blake Lively, the actress who played the ultimate prep school bad girl -- Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl. Oddly, it also means “pale”, so keep your Blake out of the sun.


Hadley means “heather field” in Old English. A decidedly unisex name with a feminine origin… intrigue!


Preppy people just love turning last names into first names!


This name means “boundary gate”. So, like the ivy covered walls of Princeton, baby Merritt will understand exclusivity.


Largely introduced by New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer, this name has been rising in popularity even after Mortimer’s fall from social grace. Everyone deserves a comeback!



This name means “bear-like”... sounds cuddly, no?


Meaning “near a stream or brook” with ties to the Hebrew “boruch” meaning “blessed”, this name is irresistibly cool. You know, like a brook.


Another tale of a last name turned first name, Mather is a medieval English surname that derives from “moethere”, meaning “one who mowed” or who possibly operated a primitive mowing machine. So bonus: your teenage Mather can mow your lawn.


You can’t get much preppier than an English actor who played James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. We can’t find a single picture of him not in a suit (or swimsuit, which works, too).


This old English name is combination of root words meaning “priest” and “cottage”. So pastoral!


Derived from the profession of the same name -- roof thatcher -- this name most famously belongs to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and it’s generally a brilliant idea to name your son after a great woman.


Winthrop means “from the friendly village”, which practically makes him a shoe-in for class president in a few years.