You’re having a baby! It’s time to shout it from the rooftops. These ideas will help your special announcement stand out from the others on your friend’s news feeds. 

By Angela Kwan
May 05, 2017

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fourth, having a child is monumental life experience worthy of celebration. But pregnancy is also a deeply personal experience that can elicit a complicated flurry of emotions. If you’re not sure how—and when—you want to break the news to friends, family, and, well, the whole Internet, don’t sweat it. We’ve gathered a list of unique ideas for all types of couples. For you Instagram addicts, get inspired by clever concepts sure to garner hundreds of likes. And for more private moms-to-be, we found sweet and understated ways to let your closest friends and family members in on your secret. Find the message that best suits your style, however you choose to announce your pregnancy.

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