You’re having a baby! It’s time to shout it from the rooftops. These ideas will help your special announcement stand out from the others on your friend’s news feeds. 

By Angela Kwan
Updated May 03, 2017
Baby Shoes Baby Announcement
Credit: Ken Baas

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fourth, having a child is monumental life experience worthy of celebration. But pregnancy is also a deeply personal experience that can elicit a complicated flurry of emotions. If you’re not sure how—and when—you want to break the news to friends, family, and, well, the whole Internet, don’t sweat it. We’ve gathered a list of unique ideas for all types of couples. For you Instagram addicts, get inspired by clever concepts sure to garner hundreds of likes. And for more private moms-to-be, we found sweet and understated ways to let your closest friends and family members in on your secret. Find the message that best suits your style, however you choose to announce your pregnancy.

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1 Use Shoes.

With some basic Photoshop skills and a pair of baby shoes, you, too, can create this pun-inspired pregnancy announcement. Simply stage a tiny pair between the parents’ own shoes. (Bonus points for color coordinating your footwear.) Once you’ve uploaded the photo, add the phrase “our family will be growing by two feet.” And don’t forget to include the due date.

Courtesy of Ken Baas

2 Use Legos.

Wait long enough and you can pull off a pregnancy announcement and gender reveal combo like this one from Beth Williams of Project Nursery. Head to the toy store (or raid your first child’s playroom) to find figurines that resemble you and your family, then pick a baby boy or girl to highlight the new arrival.

Courtesy of Beth Williams/Project Nursery

3 Tell a Story.

This couple successfully timed their photo booth announcement in one take. In four shots, their love story unfolds: Hello… Will you marry me?… Let’s dance… We’re having a baby. Glance too quickly and you might miss the subtlety. No special event to go to? You can still stage something similar right in the comfort of your own home.

Courtesy of Mark Fujita

4 Use a Special Memento.

This couple originally created the “bride” and “groom” to serve as wedding place cards. To share their latest round of happy news the two photographed the creative corks and added a mini version to represent their growing family. Opt for something sentimental or significant to your relationship if you can’t repurpose a trinket from the big day.

Courtesy of Shay Fan

5 Let the Family Pet Make the Announcement.

If you had a dog or a cat before you got pregnant, your pet will probably always feel a little like your first child. But now you’re expecting and he’s getting a human sibling. Let your four-legged family member take part in the announcement by modeling with the bump or an adorable homemade sign.

Courtesy of Ryan Whitehead

6 Schedule a Family Photo Shoot.

The impending arrival of baby number two provides the perfect excuse to take a new family portrait. Your first-born isn’t going to stay a toddler forever, and you’ll want to capture the tender moments when it was just the three of you. For a few takes, dress the older sibling in a T-shirt that helps spill the beans.

7 Write It in the Sand.

Your Facebook friends won’t have any trouble with this simple arithmetic. This couple used rocks at their favorite beach to hint at their news. Even if you don’t have access to Hawaii’s white rocks and black sand beaches, you can recreate the same message with sidewalk chalk or flower petals from the backyard.

Courtesy of Kera Bjornerud

8 Let the Older Sibling Share the News.

Who ever said the second pregnancy isn’t as exciting as the first one? We’re willing to bet the older sibling is thrilled to have a built-in friend. Celebrate the arrival of your newest bundle of joy by letting her older brother announce it to the world from your family’s favorite vacation spot.

Courtesy of Monica Holmes

9 Use Stuffed Animals.

Dress stuffed animals in personalized onesies and give them as presents to family members. If everyone is together for a holiday like Christmas, ask everyone to open the gifts at the same time so nobody spoils the surprise. Snap a picture of the toys to share on social media once your nearest and dearest are in on the good news.

10 Go the Subtle Route.

Camera shy? Share your big news with friends and family by posing behind a book about pregnancy or parenting. If you’d rather not be in the picture at all, stage the book with a stack of your childhood favorites or an array of other baby items, like a rattle or even your sonogram picture.