What are parents naming their kids in your area?

By Brigitt Earley
Updated August 12, 2016
Dave King (c) Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

The class of 2033 will surely include many young women named Emma and Olivia. Both girls’ names fall number one and two, respectively, on the Social Security Administration’s list of the top 10 baby names in 2015.

Not surprisingly, people all over the country are naming their children Emma or Olivia. In fact, Emma is the most popular girls’ name in 22 states. Olivia, though the second most popular name, takes the top spot in just 12 states. Interestingly, the name Emma seems to transcend regions, while Olivia appears to be more popular in Northern states.

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The third most popular name on the Social Security Administration’s list, Sophia, only takes top honors in four states—three of which are on the West Coast. Other outliers include Isabella, the top name in Florida, and Harper, the top name in South Dakota (those names are the 5th and 24th most popular overall, respectively). But perhaps the most unexpected of the bunch is Genesis, the most popular name in the District of Columbia. Though common in the Washington D.C. area, Genesis sits at number 65 overall.

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Wondering what the most popular name in your state is? See the full list below:

Alabama: Ava
Alaska: Olivia
Arizona: Sophia
Arkansas: Emma
California: Sophia
Colorado: Emma
Connecticut: Sophia
Delaware: Ava
District of Columbia: Genesis
Florida: Isabella
Georgia: Ava
Hawaii: Mia
Idaho: Olivia
Illinois: Olivia
Indiana: Emma
Iowa: Emma
Kansas: Emma
Kentucky: Emma
Louisiana: Ava
Maine: Emma
Maryland: Olivia
Massachusetts: Olivia
Michigan: Olivia
Minnesota: Olivia
Mississippi: Ava
Missouri: Emma
Montana: Emma
Nebraska: Emma
Nevada: Sophia
New Hampshire: Olivia
New Jersey: Emma
New Mexico: Mia
New York: Olivia
North Carolina: Ava
North Dakota: Ava
Ohio: Emma
Oklahoma: Emma
Oregon: Emma
Pennsylvania: Olivia
Rhode Island: Olivia
South Carolina: Ava
South Dakota: Harper
Tennessee: Emma
Texas: Emma
Utah: Emma
Vermont: Emma
Virginia: Emma
Washington: Olivia
West Virginia: Emma
Wisconsin: Emma
Wyoming: Emma