Mattel just announced a relaunch of the tiny Polly Pocket play sets, making '90s kids' dreams come true.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 12, 2018
Polly Pocket Flamingo
Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

In the ‘90s there were two types of people: those who were Barbie fanatics and those who were Polly Pocket enthusiasts. Well, there’s good news for the latter, because Mattel just announced that it’s bringing back the original micro-size compact toys that first debuted in 1989.

The original toys featured tiny dolls (about an inch tall) and different themes—all of which were housed in an adorable case or compact. Some memorable compacts include a water park, schoolhouse, castle, and even a hotel—plus, let’s not forget the ones that lit up (those were a personal favorite). Children of the ‘90s lined up all their compacts like it was a little Polly Pocket village, and because of their small size, they were easy to take on vacation or while you were forced to go on boring errands with your parents.

In the late ‘90s, Mattel redesigned the line to make the dolls larger, but now the company is returning the toys to its original micro-size roots. An animated series will accompany the line. “With more than 10 million compacts sold throughout the years, the compact product line nods to the brand’s heritage and surprise factor, but reflects an updated look of the characters and scenes from the content. The series follows Polly and her friends as they embrace big adventures in a shrunken size, thanks to Polly’s magic locket,” a Mattel representative told Real Simple.

polly pocket backpack
Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

The relaunched line includes a compact that looks like a backpack, but opens up to reveal a beach house setting; a Flamingo-shaped compact that transforms into a water park; and a cupcake version that opens up to an arcade. And in an epic collision of ‘90s trends, one compact is shaped like a Caboodle with a stage inside.

polly pocket caboodle
Credit: Courtesy of Mattel

The new toys will hit shelves this summer.

Photos courtesy of Mattel