And they’re a helpful reminder that you’re doin’ just fine.

By Real Simple
Updated January 13, 2017
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FML card

Designer and writer Emily McDowell has a knack for illustrating the human experience. Her contributions to the greeting card industry have been anything but cliché—her line of Empathy Cards provide thoughtful, meaningful phrases for situations when you don’t know what to say, and her Valentine’s Day greetings get real about relationships. This year, she also became an author—she co-wrote and illustrated There's No Good Card for This ($20,, a book written with empathy expert Kelsey Crowe, Ph.D., about how to help loved ones going through difficult situations. Her latest product release includes a line of cards for new parents, and their designs don’t disappoint.

According to the announcement on her site, these new cards were created in the spirit of McDowell’s Empathy Cards, and she hopes they “will help parents who are going through a rough time feel validated, seen, and supported.” Currently, there are three cards in the line, acknowledging the struggles of getting sleep, pumping, returning to work, and simply knowing whether or not you’re doing it right. Don’t worry, McDowell seems to say, you’re doing just fine.

Emily McDowell Card

We’re looking forward to more designs in the future, but for now, you can buy her new cards on