These timeless baby names are cute—and not as common as John, James, and Michael.

By Rose Truesdale and Rachel Sylvester
Updated August 26, 2019
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We combed the Social Security Administration’s list of boy names from the past couple of centuries to see which baby boy names have stood the test of time. And while your Johns, James, Michaels, Josephs, and Jacobs have serious staying power, we thought we’d present you with some less frequently considered (but still cute!) unique baby names from the list.


Interestingly, the name Charles has been on every top 100 list since the 1890s, but has moved steadily from the number five slot to the number 51 slot. The name Charles is derived from Germanic Karl and Hari meaning “man” and “warrior,” respectively. Alternatively, the nickname Charlie is equally as adorable.


After a 100 year-long descent, the name Henry has been rising in popularity since 1994. Another favorite among kings, Henry means “Home Ruler.” The 1950s Beverly Cleary character Henry Huggins—the young friend of Ramona Quimby—may have helped make the name Henry a little more approachable.


From the Irish word for "champion warrior" or "divine strength" Oscar is a name long attributed to authors, fashion designers, and the occasional grouch. As of 2019, the name is currently holding down the number 17 slot for most popular baby names of the year.


According to Babble, the royal baby name Archie is a variant of Archibald—a name of English origin that means "genuine and bold." The name ranked 737 in popularity by Baby Center's count earlier this year, but that number quickly rose as a result of Archie Harrison's arrival in May 2019.


This presidential moniker has been a top baby boy name since Teddy Roosevelt first took office in 2019. Greek meaning "gift of God," Theodore rose from the 44th most popular baby boy name in 2018 to 6 on Nameberry's list of top 100 boy names of 2019.


There's a reason William has endured as one of the classics for centuries. The name ranked number 3 in popularity in 2018 behind Liam and Noah, and it's a moniker that bodes well for all ages. Not to mention, the nicknames are endless (Will, Billy, and Bill included).


From the Latin term for "olive tree," Oliver (number 5 in 2018) is a fruitful name that began rising in popularity here in the states back in 2009. For those new parents wanting to put a unique spin on the spelling, opt for the Spanish "Olivero" or the French "Olivier."


The Hebrew name of an Old Testament prophet, Elijah closed out 2018 as the seventh most popular boy name in the U.S. The biblical moniker is still rising in popularity, but has yet to surpass Noah in the year 2019.


Long associated with the Italian Renaissance extraordinaire Leonardo da Vinci, this Old World name is of Italian and Spanish origin meaning "brave lion." While it ranked 92 on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby boy names in 2018, it's only a matter of time before Leonardo rises in the ranks.

  • By Rose Truesdale
  • By Rachel Sylvester