The social media network has a new feature just for moms.
Pinterest Tablet

You already spend plenty of hours on Pinterest searching for all kinds of inspiration and life hacks. Now, the social media network has made it even easier for moms to browse with its new hub page, Moms on Pinterest. With this feature, the site hopes to give moms a one-stop source for everything from recipes, organization tricks, fitness tips, fashion and beauty ideas, and more.

The site is teaming up with moms on Pinterest and some top Pinners to gather and share the best ideas, with boards like “Life Hacks,” courtesy of Pinterest mom Malorie L., and “Kids Will Eat This,” courtesy of top Pinner Vicky from Mess from Less. Pinterest has also curated a “Mom Trends” board with the most popular food, style, home hack, and “me time” Pins and searches on the site so you can see the most-talked about ideas from moms.

Take a look at the board below and check out the new hub page here.