Not surprisingly, one is holding a Starbucks cup.

By Real Simple
Updated May 15, 2017

We all know that moms are superhuman. What other person on the planet can make three different breakfasts (because someone doesn’t like cereal and someone else won’t touch an egg), find lost sneakers, remember to pack gymnastics leotards, get everyone to school on time, and still show up at the office with mascara and a bra on? If you are a parent, you are already a hero in our book. You rescue children at the tops of slides and leap over LEGO structures in a single bound! But in case you need reminding, we asked several kids to draw a picture of their moms as superheroes. And, well, because not every child masterpiece is, um, perfectly easy to interpret, we asked the kids to explain them—to their own moms. What kinds of superpowers were on display? A supermom who shoot stars at bad guys! A supermom with telekinesis! A supermom with “love powers, hug powers, and ‘come here’ powers”! A supermom who makes marshmallows float up into her kid’s mouth! (Hey, wait a second…) We found out that kids think their moms are strong—especially after they have their coffee—smart, and beautiful. Then we let those strong, smart, and beautiful moms have the last word, asking each of them what their kids’ superpowers would be. “Understanding how other people feel,” “Being really good at finding things,” “Making other people happy,” and “Anticipating what you want before you know you want it,” were just a few. We wonder where they got it from?