The Best Advice From Mom

Real Simple staffers share the can't-miss advice we've learned from our own moms.

Photo by Melanie Acevedo

Marty Munson: When my sister was picking out her wedding china, my mom encouraged me to select mine, too, even though I wasn’t even dating anyone at the time. When she bought me a number of settings, she said, “You don’t have to be married to have nice things.” (BTW, I still love my china and use it all the time.)

Joele Cuyler: Every time I called my mother to boohoo about something, she would remind me that things could be much worse and point out some real-life tragedies for perspective. It always made me reflect and feel grateful for what I had.

Jenny Brown: Whatever dire situation I think I'm in, my mom finds a way to make me laugh about it. She teaches me to approach life with a light heart.

Amy Maclin: Always be curious. Curiosity cures almost anything—boredom, sadness, awkward silences.

Casey Tierney: My mother taught us to cook and to uphold the sacred family dinner.