Her secrets to an organized home life, communicating with kids, and more.

By Real Simple
Updated October 17, 2017

Aside from playfully arguing with her husband Dax Shepard over a La-Z-Boy chair or filming her popular TV show The Good Place, Kristen Bell is always hard at work parenting her two young daughters, Lincoln and Delta Bell. One of her important challenges as a mom? Teaching her kids about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, from showing them the importance of conserving water in California during the drought crisis to recycling items for craft projects. “We talk about how the earth is here to help us and we’re here to help the earth,” she says.

The actress is teaming up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Tide purclean (the laundry brand’s bio-based detergent) to promote eco-friendly and sustainable living through the #CleanPledge challenge. Consumers can take the pledge on tide.com—it involves promising that you’ll wash with cold water to conserve energy, try to use an energy-saving washer and quick cycle, and extend clothing life through care. For every pledge, Tide will donate $5 to WWF’s global conservation efforts.

Real Simple got the chance to sit down with Bell to discuss her best parenting tricks—from keeping her family’s schedules organized by writing everything down on a big calendar to how to split up chores with your partner to preserve a happy marriage (“He [Dax] changed 50 percent of the diapers, he gave 50 percent of the baths”). These are tips every parent can relate to and use—watch the video above to get even more advice from the mom or two.