Relax. They’ve got this.

By Real Simple
Updated October 23, 2017

We know, being a parent is hard. You are exhausted all the time, you can’t figure out why, exactly, your toddler keeps putting your toothbrush in the dog’s water bowl, and for the love of Pete you still have to make a dinner that everyone will eat. How about some help? We asked a few (very wise) kids for their answers to some common parenting questions, from the best way to potty train to, yes, what to make for dinner. (The answer: marshmallows and ice cream—of course—but also home-cooked organic food.) Think we can’t be serious? You should know that much of the advice is spot on. Not only do these kids know that potty training involves “trial and error” (you can say that again), but they also realize that parents “may let me struggle a little bit but always catch me in the end,” and, “A parent is a good parent who can really communicate with their child.” See, we told you they were wise. So, when you’re at the end of your rope, when your 7-year-old has declared that spaghetti and meatballs is gross (what?!) and your 3-year-old just went to the bathroom on the living room rug, let these kids lend a hand. You are guaranteed to laugh—just wait for their reaction to the question, “Should parents kiss in front of their kids?"—and maybe even get a nice reminder that you’re doing an OK job after all.