A little humor makes parenting much easier.

By Nora Horvath
November 16, 2017

Sometimes kids do the darnedest things, much to the chagrin of exhausted parents everywhere. While it’s easy to want to lose your cool when little things go wrong, sometimes the best way to deal with these little parenting bumps is to laugh about it.

In a series of sweet photos posted to Twitter on Monday, Eric Massicotte, a neurosurgeon and professor at the University of Toronto, shared how his wife responded to their six-year-old son deciding to use the walls of their house as a canvas for his next great work of art.

The photos show a drawing of a green house on a white wall, followed by the same green house with a frame around it with an accompanying plaque that is meant to make the doodle look like it’s hung in a museum. The plaque reads “R.C. Massicotte (b. 2011) Interrupted House, 2017. Marker on latex paint. Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.”

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour,” Massicotte wrote. The heartwarming tweet resonated with parents on Twitter from around the world, garnering more than 99,000 retweets and 250,000 likes in only three days.

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