We can all agree that Prince George and Princess Charlotte always look adorable and stylish. Here’s how to shop like the Duchess.

By Sarah Yang
March 07, 2018

Your kid might not be an heir to a throne, but he or she can look like a prince or princess in waiting by dressing the part. All you have to do is take a cue from Kate Middleton and shop her favorite children’s brands. The Duchess favors traditional British styles—think cardigans, smocked dresses, and shorts paired with knee high socks—so we won’t be seeing Prince George or Prince Charlotte in t-shirts and jeans anytime soon. While she has a budget that’s quite different from non-royal parents out there, she doesn’t normally break the bank when it comes to shopping for the littlest royals’ clothes (that’s great news for us commoners).

With baby number three arriving soon, Kate will probably be shopping for the newborn at her go-to shops, but she’s also been known to dress her kids in hand-me-downs, too. To help you shop like Kate, we’ve compiled a list of her favorite children’s brands below. Next up: a playdate with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and your kids? Just call it wishful thinking.

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