In the pilot episode of "Domestic Disturbances," Real Simple's new podcast series, we figure out how to split up scheduling duties before both parents go crazy.

By Real Simple
Updated March 04, 2015
Alyce Jones

Divvying up the housework can be an endlessly frustrating task—especially if both parents are working. So Real Simple launched "Domestic Disturbances," a podcast that calls in a therapist and an organizational expert to help couples who are struggling with this division of labor. In our first episode, host and editor Lori Leibovich talks to Casey, a mom of two whose husband isn't helping when it comes to the kids' schedules. She needs him to step up and make doctor appointments or schedule play dates, but he claims that she's "so much better at it." Sound familiar?

Listen to the full podcast below for solutions from Bea Arthur, founder and CEO of the online counseling and coaching platform In Your Corner, as well as Betsy Goldberg, Real Simple Home Director and organizational expert. And, if you're dealing with a different situation in your home where tasks aren't evenly distributed, subscribe on iTunes—we might tackle them in a future episode.