Nope, that's not Santa on his sleigh you hear (but start collecting those jingle bells) because there¹s a new member of the band

Nope that's not Santa on his sleigh you hear, it's the newst member of your little band. Get ready to shake and remember it's all in the wrist with this instrument. Tip: Start collecting those jingle bells now!

What You Need

  • Scissors and utility knife, markers, ruler, rubber bands, glue, tape (transparent, duct, masking, or colored), gift wrap or decorative paper, kraft paper, 5-inch embroidery hoop, Tyvek envelope, at least 9 by 12 inches, 4 medium-size binder clips, 8 jingl

Follow These Steps

  1. Unscrew the top nut on the embroidery hoop to separate the two hoops.
  2. Cut a large seamless piece from the Tyvek envelope. Trace the hoop without the top nut onto the piece. Then, around this first circle, draw another circle that is wider than the first circle by 2 inches all around. (Don’t sweat this; it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you’re drawing freehand, you can use a ruler to measure 2 inches from the first circle at eight different points, marking a dot at each point. Connect these dots to draw the outside circle.)
  3. Cut around the outside circle. This will be the drumhead for the tambourine. Decorate the drumhead with the markers.
  4. Center the drumhead (with the drawing facing up) over the embroidery hoop without the nut, then press the hoop with the top nut down over the drumhead. Tighten the nut a bit. Tug the ends of the Tyvek down so the drumhead is taut and snug, then tighten the nut as much as you can.
  5. Remove the arms from a binder clip by pinching the sides of an arm toward each other. Slip a jingle bell over one arm, then pinch again to reattach the arm to the clip; slip a bell over the other arm in the same way. Repeat for the remaining binder clips.
  6. Attach the binder clips around the hoop and shake your groove thang!

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