Sometimes they cry, scream, or just refuse to put on pants, but when kids open up and show their love, there's nothing better. These moms share the heartwarming moves their little ones have perfected.

By Real Simple
Updated April 24, 2018

Being a mom is often a thankless job: You cook, clean, shlep, hug, solve, and soothe, with no expectation of thanks. You’re just doing your job for the people you love. Which makes it that much sweeter when kids show their appreciation in their own special ways. We interviewed some moms about the heartwarming things their kids have said and done lately. Hearing their children say those three simple words, “I love you”—even when they’re likely too young to even know what it means—puts a smile on every mom’s face. Cuddles, hugs, kisses and love notes are also guaranteed to bring a tear to Mom’s eyes. And a “Best Mom in the World” award is always appreciated, as is a perfectly timed offer of blueberries for breakfast. All these little gestures make these moms feel good, erase their bad moods, and make them so incredibly happy to be a mom.