Inspired by the big news from the Girl Scouts.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated July 25, 2017
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Happy Girl Scouts
Credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Girl Scouts of the USA

There is no greater feeling for a girl in green or brown than to earn a new badge for her uniform, and the Girl Scouts released 23 new super-cool ones for girls in grades K–12 today—the most new badges they’ve created in ten years.

The new badges focus on STEM projects and outdoor activities. There are nine different robotics badges: the youngest Daisies learn about simple machines and basic programming to create a robot to solve an everyday problem (how to put all those dirty socks in the laundry hamper); Junior Scouts learn more complex programming to build a robot who can tackle global problems, culminating in a patch for taking their robot all the way to a science fair or robotics competition.

Aspiring mechanical engineers can earn work toward patches for designing board games, race cars, and flying machines (not to worry if you’re a low-tech mom—the Girl Scouts have teamed up with organizations such as GoldieBlox and to lead the way).

Girls who would rather find their adventure outdoors than in a science lab can earn new badges in camping, with activities focused on mountain biking, kayaking, campfire cooking, water-purification, meteorology, and wilderness first aid.

This news made us think about all the amazing feats moms accomplish every day—if only we, too, could earn badges for them!

The Time-Turner Badge

Earned after you miraculously manage to get four kids to four different afterschool activities in four different parts of town, on time and with the correct gear!

The Mystery-Box Dinner Badge

For the heroic act of whipping together a nutritious and delicious meal with the three random, unrelated ingredients left in your fridge (radishes, almond butter, and fish sticks?), after you got stuck at work and didn’t have time to stop at the supermarket.

The Rise-and-Shine Badge

For dragging yourself out of bed, doing 30 minutes of cardio, packing lunches, fishing dirty uniforms out of backpacks, scheduling dentist appointments and furniture deliveries, and sending 17 work emails—all before 8:30 a.m.

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The Engineer-on-the-Fly Badge

For single-handedly and ingeniously fixing the wonky wheel on your kid’s skateboard with only the random tools and gadgets you can find in your bottomless handbag or on the floor of your car.

The Classroom Artiste Badge

For coming up with a wow-worthy project for your child’s kindergarten class to create for the school auction, despite the fact that you have never held a paintbrush before in your life. Thank you, Pinterest!