Spoiler alert: If your kids love poop—and every kid I've met does—this hilarious board game is totally for them.

By Heather Morgan Shott
Updated March 25, 2018
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Don't Step In It Game
Credit: Hasbro

My 7-year-old son thinks poop is the most hilarious thing ever, so he talks about it constantly. It doesn't matter where we are, no place is off-limits. (To the people who sat next to us at Burgers and Beer the other night, I apologize.) His 3-year-old sister, who aspires to be just like him, is equally enamored by poop and answers just about any question, including “What did you have for lunch at preschool today?” with a smirky “Poop!”

Truth—I'm sick of all the poop talk, but what annoys me even more is listening to my kids whine because they're bored (despite a room filled with toys). I just can't. So I’m always on the lookout for really great ways to entertain my kids—and I'll be honest, help then entertain themselves. So I'm pretty excited about the game I recently discovered. And here's the thing: It's so good my son and two of his friends actually logged off Minecraft the other day (yes, they play it side-by-side on the couch) to play it together.

This unicorn of a game is Don’t Step In It (Amazon, $16.99). And you know what it is: poop. Stick with me here, it’s not real poop. It’s poop-colored clay that kids mold into little piles of poop (it looks just like the poop emoji that’s on your smartphone) and then they place it strategically on a mat they spread out on the floor. While they’re placing the poop, the person who’s turn it is is blindfolded. Once the setup is finished, a player spins a wheel and announces how many steps must be taken. (Since my daughter refuses to be blindfolded, she’s the designated spinner.) The blindfolded player then takes the steps, aiming to avoid the squishy piles of poop, turns and repeats his course.

It's good, silly fun, a break from homework and chores—and I love listening to my kids crack up the whole time they play it. (Really, is there a better sound than your own children's laughter?!) It doesn't involve a screen, either, which I also love.

Even my husband, who was initially skeptical when I brought it home (Do they really need another game?) declared it a winner when he and his friend Jazen were able to catch up over beers in our kitchen while Jazen’s son and our kids giggled through game after game of Don’t Step In It nearby. It kept them busy and nobody was fighting over points, because “losing” means stepping in a pile of “poop” which is so hysterical they all want to lose. “Best game ever,” Chris announced after Jazen left. I have to say, any game that makes my kids that happy is pretty great!

It’s been almost a month now, and my kids are still dodging piles of clay poop on that shiny mat whenever they can. A record. Generally new games and toys capture their attention for a week before the playthings lose their luster and we end up donating the stuff. Sometimes we play with them (it is fun), sometimes their babysitter plays with them, and other times we let them have at it while we do chores around the house (the laundry memes all over Instagram are true, y’all!). So if you need a new trick to keep your kids busy, you might want to check Don’t Step in It out. I have a feeling your poop-loving kids will love it as much as mine do.