Parenting is damn stressful. These moms provide the hilarious break we all need, and they're so incredibly relatable, too!

By Chloe Cole
Updated April 12, 2018
Woman Laughing at iPad
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Let’s be honest: social media is where most people go to brag. That means Instagram and Facebook and YouTube can be a tricky space when you’re a mom and your life doesn’t match the airbrushed images on your screen. That’s why we’ve made a list of moms on social media that understand exactly what you’re going through. These accounts are for moms, by moms. They care more about telling it like it is than they do about curating the picture-perfect personal brand.

Next time you’re stressed out about homework or carpool or cooking, you can turn to one of these women for comfort and they’ll make you laugh and reassure you that you’re not alone.

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Woman Laughing at iPad
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

1 Christine Meehan-Berg

Both Christine and her husband, Aaron Berg, are New York comics so she has a no B.S. take on motherhood. She’ll cop to any Mom mistake, from the ordinary (dropping her daughter’s pacifier on the sidewalk) to the extraordinary (getting trapped in an elevator during her daughter’s naptime). While combining babydom with stand-up comedy might seem impossible, Meehan celebrates the meeting of the two worlds, frequently posting photos of comedians holding her daughter and using hashtags like “#friendswhoholdyourbabysoyoucandrinkwineandlaugh.” Follow her at @funnyxtine to see how she pulls it all off.

2 Dena Blizzard

In addition to momming it up, Dena Blizzard does stand-up, produces her own webseries and sometimes even co-hosts Anderson Cooper’s TV show. She understands that being a working mom means wearing many hats (literally) and being ready to improvise an inspirational speech at any moment. Follow Dena on Instagram at @OneFunnyMother so you can catch her funny takes on motherhood but mostly so you can watch her kids’ and her impromptu kitchen dance parties.

3 Cat and Nat from #MomTruths

On this Youtube channel, you get not one but two moms! Cat and Nat film their insightful #MomTruths videos in their car because they understand that that’s where you spend the majority of your time as a mom: running an unpaid shuttle service for ungrateful and messy passengers. Their videos focus on breaking down the common misconceptions about parenting and speaking the truth. In this video, All The Things Moms Think About, their bit about what they want to feed their kids vs. what they actually feed their kids is so honest it hurts. Think you can handle the MomTruth? Check out Cat & Nat’s Youtube channel for more.

4 Jennifer Weedon and Dina Drew from Slacker Mom’s Guide

Jennifer and Dina work together on this MomCave Youtube series to explain how moms can cut corners on chores. Dina writes each episode while Jennifer serves as the glamorous Betty Crocker-esque guide who dispenses their valuable tips on how to exert minimum effort for maximum results. Every video teaches the important lesson that if you’re going to slack, at least do it in style and with a sense of humor. Don’t miss the delightful Mama Jams series in which a resourceful mother makes music with her daughters using everyday objects like frying pans and wineglasses.

5 Kristen and Jen from I Mom So Hard

You might remember these two moms from their giggle-inducing I Swimsuit Season So Hard video that we covered last spring. Every Kristin and Jen video is an instant mood boost because of their infectious comedic chemistry and their impressive ability to make everything funny, even post-partum depression. In this video, appropriately named “I PPD So Hard,” they break down their personal experiences with childbirth and early days of parenting. You will be simultaneously amazed and grateful that how they can make you laugh so hard about such a heavy topic. You can find them on every social media platform (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).