11 Supplies That Will Make Your Kids Excited for School

Chances are, these fun finds will make them a lot happier than a box of black pens.


Hand Lettered Pocket Folders

Photo by etsy.com

Is your high-schooler too cool for school supplies? We bet they'll still love these sophisticated, beautifully-labeled class folders.

To buy: $10 for 3, marigoldprints.etsy.com.


Fast Food Puzzle Eraser Set 

Photo by urbanoutfitters.com

Mistakes are no longer an issue when misspelled words are corrected with a swipe of a French fry, and a subtraction error is hidden by a hamburger bun. Warning: If used before lunch, student may become hungry.

To buy: $8, urbanoutfitters.com.


Drumstick Pens 

Photo by uncommongoods.com

If your child has rhythm, these fun pens are the perfect way to send them off into a new school year. Will the teacher be thrilled? Maybe not.

To buy: $8 for 2, uncommongoods.com.


Peekaboo Folio

Photo by shopbando.com

House important documents—like report cards and permission slips—in this clear plastic folder so that everyone can see what’s inside. She’ll love the chance to personalize the folder with more than 40 colorful stickers.

To buy: $6, shopbando.com.


Eco Highlighter Pencils 

Photo by amazon.com

Every school supply list has highlighters, which makes these pencils even more unique. This set of five is special because, unlike liquid highlighters, the pencils won’t bleed through pages or dry out.

To buy: $14 for 5, amazon.com.


Post-it Owl-Shaped Die-Cut Memo Cube

Photo by staples.com

Whether your child needs these at his or her desk, or you keep them at home on the counter, these memos will certainly stick out. You can also find them in other fun shapes–like sunglasses, mustaches, or hedgehogs.

To buy: For a similar product, $1.50, go to stickerskingdom.com.


The Mug With a Hoop 

Photo by uncommongoods.com

Breakfast has a reputation as the most important meal of the day, but it can be difficult to drag your child out of bed in time to eat it. With this fun cereal bowl, mornings will become a lot more pleasant.

To buy: $24, uncommongoods.com.


Pencil Bag

Photo by etsy.com

This hand-sewn case will swallow up supplies and keep them from spilling into your child’s bookbag. You can further personalize the beetle by having your child’s name or initials embroidered onto the wing.

To buy: $29, minnebites.etsy.com.


Back to School Socks 

Photo by uncommongoods.com

The finishing touch on a great school outfit? A pair of these classroom-appropriate socks—you might struggle to get your child to put on shoes.

To buy: For a similar product, $8, go to amazon.com.


Food Shaped High Speed USB Thumb Drive 

Photo by amazon.com

Older students need a thumb drive to transfer big presentations or papers back and forth between their home and school computers. These drives come in nine different snack shapes, but the sushi roll is our favorite.

To buy: $11 for 8GB, amazon.com.


Blue Shark Backpack

Photo by lillianvernon.com

Perfect for carrying books or a change of clothes before baseball practice, this silly pack will be the hit of the classroom.

To buy: $30, lillianvernon.com.