This is the cutest thing we’ve seen all day.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated August 01, 2017
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Hand holding cutout plane
Credit: lucapierro/Getty Images

Flying with children is usually the worst. Between the inevitable delays, lousy food, cramped seats, and popping ears, toddlers are known to save their most major meltdowns for the (un)friendly skies. And we’ve all seen the videos of every terrible thing that can happen on a plane, from seniors being dragged down the aisle to rude passengers sticking their bare feet on the armrest of the person in front of them.

But one adorable two-year-old proved that a simple gesture can bring a smile and laugh to even the crankiest airline passenger. Watch this video a mom posted on the Southwest Airlines Facebook page of her son making his way down the aisle (it’s been shared and liked more than 30,000 times!):

We can’t decide what’s more endearing: The little boy’s earnest effort to fist bump every single passenger he passes by, the flight attendant who tells him to reach up high, or the blankie he drags Linus-like behind him down the aisle. But the best part is watching the faces of several very large men, who seem less than thrilled to be wedged into a tiny seat, burst into an ear-to-ear grin after fist-bumping the little boy.

The little guy, who is actually named Guy and is from Raleigh, NC, is a natural charmer. His mom, Ayla, told, “People are drawn to him, but his signature move is the fist bump. He does it when we leave restaurants, ice cream shops, the gym, etc. He loves to greet people with it! He truly brings a great deal of joy.”