Helpful advice from a mom and daughter who traveled to 20 cities in six months—and still talk to each other.

By Marisa Cohen
July 18, 2017

Over the past six months I traveled to 20 American cities with my 13-year-old daughter (plus 11 other kids and their parents and assorted siblings) as she toured the country with the cast of a Broadway musical. That meant packing up and getting on an airplane almost once a week (with a few bus rides mixed in if the cities were close enough). We ate some truly terrible airport food, drank lot of Starbucks, bought and discarded various neck pillows, and saw the insides of more airport waiting areas and restrooms than I ever thought possible.

At first, it was a real pain. My daughter and I would argue about who should carry which bag, and would often wander all over the terminal looking for food that she would eat. But by the end of the tour, we had traveling down to a science. In fact, I eventually was able to tell if my bag was over or under the 50-pound limit just by lifting it, and we were ridiculously proud of how we could get through security in record time. Here are some tips we picked up along the way.

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