Looking for a stately name for your newest member of the family? Here, some of our refined favorites.

By Rose Truesdale
Updated January 05, 2018

Feeling fancy? Pick one of these elegant baby names for your future sophisticate. These 15 luxe baby names nod to the finer things in life: florals, well-tailored clothing, precious stones, Paris—all very special things for your very special babe!

Cute Baby Wearing Crown
Credit: SanneBerg/Getty Images

Elegant Girls Names


From the plant kingdom, this non-flowering variety has a minimalist vibe in homes and names alike. The animal-loving little girl in E.B. White’s classic Charlotte’s Web was also named Fern.


This one means “queen” in French. How much more elegant can you get?


The Dutch and French diminutive of Anna, this name was made famous by French actress Anouk Aimée. Anouk was also the name of Juliette Binoche’s character’s daughter in Chocolat. Oui oui!

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This name comes from Latin caelum, meaning sky or heaven. Céline is also the name of a legendary French fashion house known for its clean lines and loose-fitting pantsuits.


Odette is a word of French and German-origin that means “wealth.” It is also the name of the swan queen in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.


A Hebrew name meaning “fiery-winged,” Seraphina comes from seraphim, or all-powerful angels in the Judeo-Christian tradition.


From the eponymous October birthstone, the name Opal ultimately originated from the Sanskrit word upala meaning “jewel.” What a gem this name is!

Elegant Boys Names


A Greek name meaning “defender” or “protector of mankind,” Alastair feels noble.


Derived from Attica, a Greek region surrounding Athens, Atticus is also the name of the protagonist in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird.


In Latin, Julian means “youthful,” perfect for your forever-young baby.

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Take a cue from famous haute couture designer Yves Saint Laurent, and name your son this sumptuous moniker.


The meaning of Leopold is twofold: “Leo” means “lion,” and “pold” means “bold.” Common among German royalty, Leopold would be an excellent choice for your little prince.


Malachi was, biblically, a prophet and an angel. We foresee this name’s heavenly rise to popularity.


Although in pop culture this name belongs to a cartoon crab and a small horse, it means “revered” in Latin.


Derived from quintus meaning “the fifth,” in the Roman ages, this name was typically bestowed upon the fifth-born child.