Tired of fast food on paper plates? Here’s how to eat in a snazzy restaurant with your children, without an embarrassing meltdown (by them or you!). 

By Marisa Cohen
November 10, 2017

When a restaurant in Florida recently outraged some local parents by declaring “no children” in bold letters on the front door, we nodded in sympathy—with both sides. On the one hand, if you’re at a fancy eatery on a date, out with friends, or simply hoping to grab a beer and a pizza in peace, a cranky toddler at the next table can ruin your night. But if you’re a parent who’s desperate to go out for a nice meal, and the babysitter canceled—or you’re simply trying to teach your kids there’s more to life than chicken fingers and Happy Meals—being barred from a restaurant because you have little ones seems a bit unfair.

To help keep the peace, we rounded up the best strategies from parents who routinely take their kids to restaurants that have waiters and wine lists rather than drive-up windows and juice boxes.  

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