These baby names are anything but typical.

By Rose Truesdale
Updated April 11, 2018

Creative baby names are anything but ordinary—that would never work for your future slam poet/ performance artist/ abstract painter. For a little inspiration, check out some creative baby name ideas we absolutely adore.



This Hebrew name means “lioness”, but aria is also the opera term for a song. Plus, in pop culture, Aryah Stark (an even more creative spelling) on Game of Thrones and Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars are inspiring artistic parents everywhere to choose this practically symphonic name.


The clever wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope is a true Greek classic. However, because this name can be a mouthful -- even for your baby genius -- many parents opt for the nickname Penny. Two celebrity Penelopes to note: The Big Bang Theory’s Penny and Penelope Cruz. And if you hope your babe gets into textile art, know that Penelope means “weaver”.


Nova not only means “new” in Latin, it’s also the word for a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter. Hello fame and stardom, baby girl! The name Nova is popular in the Netherlands and has been growing in popularity stateside since 2011.


The name Zelda is Yiddish for “dark battle”. Sounds perfect for your budding art activist, no? And let’s not forget novelist and painter Zelda Fitzgerald, she of the quote ““She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.”


The name Poppy has been trending in the UK and Wales for some time, but the name derived from this little red flower (think Wizard of Oz) has never been common on US soil. Famous Poppies include Poppy Delevingne, Jamie Oliver’s daughter Poppy Honey, and Australian actress Poppy Montgomery.



In Buddhism, bodhi is Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of all things, i.e. enlightenment and spiritual awakening. No pressure, baby! Megan Fox and Teresa Palmer both named their sons Bodhi, while Nikki Reed gave the same name to her little girl.



Italian and Old German in origin, Enzo means “home ruler”... which is pretty appropriate for a baby if you ask us. Originally a short form of Italian favorites Vincenzo and Lorenzo, Enzo is now in the top 400 baby names in France. Enzo Luciano Rossi, son of Patricia Arquette, is one Enzo to watch.


Yes, August is a month, but the month got its name from the Roman Emperor August and it means “magnificent” in Latin. Whatever moves your creative baby makes, we’re certain they’ll be magnificent!


Although this name sounds rambunctious, it means “rest”. You’ll want some rest when you’re tending after little Rocco, so this could be a good omen.


If you’re a literary nerd and want the same for your kid, naming him after author Cormac McCarthy could be a good bet. The bad news, cormac translates to “impure son” in Irish… so it sounds like your baby might be messy.


Although Ace is the last name on this list, it means “number one” or “the best”. The ace card is the playing card with the highest value, and the name Ace is certainly a winner in our book.