Because the coloring craze isn’t dying out anytime soon.

By Sarah Yang
Updated September 13, 2016
Crayola Tween Coloring Book
Credit: Crayola

This new product line might just get teens and tweens off their smartphones. Crayola just launched a coloring line specifically for that age group, Art With Edge, which the company hopes will be a happy medium between the adult coloring books and the ones for younger children.

Coloring books are everywhere these days, with a fanbase that includes both adults and kids. It’s no surprise why these classic art activities are still popular—they encourage creativity and also gives people something else to do besides looking at your smartphone or tablet. Plus, with recent research findings revealing that making art can significantly reduce stress levels, a little coloring project at the end of the workday isn’t a bad way to decompress (because sometimes a glass of wine won’t cut it).

The coloring line will feature seven coloring books and two coloring kits. Unlike adult coloring books that mostly feature intricate patterns and nature illustrations, or children’s options that are filled with more juvenile drawings of animals and cartoon characters, these books are inspired by what tweens or teens are interested in now—think pop culture-inspired themes like Justice League or Batman, and a book of inspirational quotes.

The products are available on right now. Prices range from $7 for the books and $16 for the kits.