This mom has gone viral with her real-life version of the star’s baby photo.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated July 17, 2017
Lester Cohen/ Getty Images

By now you’ve probably seen the ethereally beautiful photo of Beyoncé with her month-old twins, Sir Carter and Rumi—it’s been liked more than 9 million times on Instagram. The pop diva looks peaceful and oh-so-stylish as she cradles her tiny babes. But Sharon Kellaway, a mom of five-month-old twins in Ireland, earned thousands of laughs (and likes) and the respect of hard-working moms everywhere when she posted her own version of Queen B’s pose, captioning it, “The likeness is uncanny.”

Instead of Beyoncé’s outfit of perfectly draped satin, Sharon has a fleece baby blanket thrown over her shoulders (look closely and you can probably spot some spit-up stains and smashed peas); instead of a perfectly manicured ocean-front setting with sculpted hedges and a profusion of colorful blooms, Sharon squats on an overgrown backyard lawn with weeds and a few random roses. Instead of producing a celebrity photo shoot likely attended by dozens of stylists and assistants, Sharon simply asked her six-year-old daughter Megan to snap a photo while she juggled her two squirmy babies, Senan and Zoe. And while Beyoncé’s lush locks and natural “no-makeup” glow likely took hours to perfect, we think Sharon’s classic wash-and-go mom bangs and “Who-has-time-for-lipstick?” look is just as charming.

When asked what inspired her hilarious yet totally relatable post, Sharon told a reporter, “I just wanted to take the mickey, as she looked so unrealistic.”

We think both versions of the photo are amazing—one to admire and one to relate to.